Retirement Income Optimizer

Rockcliffe Wealth Advisors is committed to helping our individual and professional clients achieve productive and fulfilling retirements based on their own unique objectives.  Key assets need to be allocated and protected, income preserved, tax reduced, and opportunities filtered.  The Retirement Income Optimizer™ (RIO) has been designed to accomplish all of this in an integrated program for individuals who are either approaching retirement, or who have already begun their retirement.

Learn how the Retirement Income Optimizer™ can guide you through the complexities of protecting tomorrow’s retirement income by asking yourself the following questions outlined below in steps 1 through 6:

Today’s conversations can generate tomorrow’s achievements

1. Set Retirement Income and Estate Planning Targets

Do I understand how my mission, vision, and values are connected to my retirement?

How will my current health and fitness levels impact my retirement?

Do I have diverse interests outside of work or business?

What are my retirement income needs and objectives, and do I have a written plan to attain them?

Am I financially independent?

Do I want to provide a legacy to my family or to a favorite charity?

2. Identify Tax Effective Strategies and Structures

Is there an approach to retirement income planning that can improve the tax efficiency of my assets in retirement?

Is there a simple strategy to reduce the impact of taking out income in a down market?

Is there something I can do to preserve my Old Age Security benefits?

How do I turn my largest potential asset, my business, into a secure source of retirement income?

Is it wise to utilize a portion of my home equity to provide income?

Do I want to have two or three distinct phases to my retirement?

3. Evaluate Investment Vehicles

Are there any investment solutions which come with guarantees?

Is there a more efficient way to receive my retirement income without falling behind after taxes and inflation?

Is there a way to minimize the fees I pay without losing access to the advice I need for a secure retirement?

Am I getting the best available rates in my GIC portfolio?

Am I satisfied with average returns from Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) or could award winning, active managers offer outperformance?

Can Corporate Class investment funds help shield my income from unnecessary taxes?

4. Optimize Investment Choices

Is there a way to reduce the risks of investing in today’s markets?

How does Rockcliffe’s investment selection process allow me to achieve my goals?

How is my risk comfort level determined?

If I have selected the right investment vehicles to deliver my income is asset allocation still necessary?

Is a bigger financial institution necessarily better?

How do you select individual investments to complement one another?

5. Increase Financial Literacy and Understanding

What is the connection between clarity, education, and achieving my retirement goals?

Do you provide seminars to help improve my comfort level with financial matters?

Are there reference articles available to help answer my questions?

Will your website be updated periodically with helpful links?

Will your reviews include an educational component to help increase my knowledge that our plans are proceeding on track?

Can I ask additional questions between scheduled reviews?

6. Review and Rebalance Regularly

What is the ideal frequency for a review of my plan?

What role does rebalancing play in achieving my targets?

What if something changes in my health or relationships?

What if changes are announced to the tax rules?

How often do we need to update our wills?

Will I be able to see my portfolio online in between reviews?

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