Strategic Business Advantage

We empower small business owners to fully utilize their business structures, harness their tax planning opportunities and implement time-tested plans that lead to a productive retirement and enduring wealth using our Strategic Business Advantage™ (SBA) process.

Find out if our Strategic Business Advantage™ program is right for your corporation by asking yourself the following questions outlined below in steps 1 through 4:

Where we end up tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today

1. Review Business Structure

Does my existing business structure reflect current and future needs?

Am I maximizing income splitting opportunities?

Would my shares be eligible for the lifetime capital gains exemption if sold?

Is there a need for a Holding Company?

Is there a need for a Trust (inter-vivos or testamentary)?

Has a review been conducted recently by my corporation’s accountant and /or lawyer?

2. Create Tax Efficiency

Has the optimization of my salary/dividend mix been reviewed?

Is there a need for Income splitting through my corporation?

Is there passive income earned on assets held in the corporation? If so, is there a strategy to reduce income tax on income earned on business assets?

Is there a plan for the effective use of my Capital Dividend Account?

Is there a need for succession planning (e.g. family business, corporation or farm)?

Is there a need to utilize the capital gains exemption on the potential sale of my shares?

3. Address Risk Management Planning

Has there been a review of the risk management areas of the owners and key personnel of the business?

This may include:

  • Buy and Sell Arrangements
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Employee Health and Dental Coverage

4. Implement Wealth Management Strategies

Have any strategies been implemented to create wealth inside the corporation?

This may include:

  • Integration of Corporate Wealth With My Personal Financial Plan
  • Business Succession
  • Corporate Asset Transfer
  • Legacy Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Estate Equalization
Review Business
Create Tax
Address Risk