Do I need to qualify or be referred to become a client?

We certainly welcome referrals but everyone is welcome to contact our office by email or phone to arrange a complimentary one hour introductory appointment at our office location with no obligation.  Appointments are available during the daytime and evening.   You will have the opportunity to learn about our competitive services and how we can assist you with attaining your financial goals. Together we will determine if there is a good fit between your needs and our abilities.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

The complimentary meeting is an opportunity for us to meet you to find out what your biggest financial concerns or challenges are and determine what level of planning is best suited to you.  We recommend that you compile a list of questions ahead of time to ensure that you cover all the areas of concern and gather any financial documents that you would like us to review.  A document checklist can be provided at your request.

Who do I write cheques to?

All cheques are made payable to the respective financial institution associated with your payment.   Insurance premiums are paid to the carrier.  Investment contribution cheques are always made payable to the investment institution.  We deal only with recognized top-tier Canadian financial institutions. Only fee-for-service planning fees are paid directly to Rockcliffe Wealth Advisors Inc.

What is the difference between going to the bank and going to an independent wealth management firm?

Our independent wealth advisory firm, Rockcliffe Wealth, offers an unbiased approach to planning your financial wealth. This means we avoid any conflict of interest, so you’ll be getting the advice that’s best for you – instead of what’s best for any specific institution. We are licensed and designated financial planners, life insurance brokers and investment representatives.  We have financial specialists available in the fields of insurance, investments, income and health protection, tax planning and succession planning for business owners and professionals.  We have all the expertise you need under one roof to develop a personal or corporate financial plan to suit your circumstances.

How do I gain access to view my portfolio on-line?

We can provide your personal log-in instructions to gain access to view your portfolio online so that you may track the performance of your investments at your convenience.

Designations – what do they mean?

The increase in designations, particularly in the financial planning field, has complicated the process of trying to decide which designation will benefit you the most.  To learn more about the definitions of designations and ensure that you are protected through the highest standards and regulations in the industry, we recommend that you contact Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.

What companies do we represent?

Our firm is an advisory boutique that can offer competitive and comparable rates and products from a wide assortment of insurance carriers and fund managers to suit your specific needs.

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