Corporate Planning Services

Business Continuation Planning

A plan to ensure the desired distribution of the business on the owner’s death.  Is your family assured of receiving full value for the business on your death?

  • Succession on death
  • Succession on disability
  • Succession on retirement

Family Protection

To provide the funds to enable the deceased owner’s family to maintain their lifestyle.  Are you relying solely on the business?  Is there a better way?

  • Key personnel protection
  • Family income replacement
  • Estate equalization

Estate Conservation

To provide the necessary liquidity to meet outstanding debts, taxes, and administrative costs arising on death.  Would your family have to sell the business or other valuable assets to meet these expenses?

  • Business loan protection
  • Debt structure and repayment
  • Liquidation
  • Income and capital gains taxes
  • Buy-sell agreements

Personal Disability Protection

To continue income to a disabled owner without burdening the business.  Can the business survive and support your family’s lifestyle?  Would you like to maintain this lifestyle?

Employee Benefits

An effective employee benefit program can help provide tax-effective compensation, reduce employee turnover, and improve productivity.

Group Insurance

  • Group life insurance
  • Accidental death benefits
  • Health and travel coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Disability benefits (short and long-term)

Group Retirement Plans

  • Registered pension plan
  • Registered retirement savings plan
  • Deferred profit sharing plan
  • Charitable giving

Is your business financially structured for success?

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