Retirement Planning Services


These plans guarantee a retirement income for life or for a specified term which will be directly impacted by age, current interest rates, and the guarantee period selected. Prescribed annuities provide guaranteed income with tax favoured treatment in the early years for non-registered investments.

Asset Allocator

Tool to coordinate growth and resilience of investments in different types of investment climates (including the Cash Wedge concept to help protect income in down markets).

Life Insurance

Certain life policies may provide supplemental retirement income from the equity that has grown within them on a tax deferred basis.

Non-registered Savings and Investment Plans

A personal retirement program to provide benefits in excess of the limited pension from government programs and tax-assisted savings.  Some tax deferral may be possible.

Registered Pension Plans

A retirement program for business owners and/or employees to provide financial security at retirement.  Tax deductible corporate and/or employee contributions, plus enhanced creditor protection, help provide tax sheltered financial security for retirement.

Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs)

RRSPs must be converted into RRIFs or an income stream no later than the end of the year in which we turn 71.  There is a predefined minimum amount that must be withdrawn and taxed each year.

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)

A personal retirement plan registered with the government to supplement existing government retirement programs on a tax-deferred basis.

Retirement Income Optimizer (RIO) Planning

RWA’s customized retirement income planning process designed to optimize how assets will be used to accomplish your priorities and generate income in retirement, while minimizing taxes, preserving government benefits and credits, and enhancing investment performance.

Retirement Needs Analysis

Examines how much income will be required in retirement and where this income will come from.

Tax Free Savings Accounts

Additional registered investment account that can grow and be withdrawn without tax.

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